Do you love the outdoors? Do you enjoy planning trips? Are you exceptionally organized and reliable? Are you a social coordinator with an easy going personality and a great sense of humor? Then why not put those skills to work and become a Community Leader for Adventure People. You’ll have fun and gain an entire network of new friends who enjoy the same activities you do!

The Benefits

Earn Commission

You’ll earn $100 for every person who signs up for one of our small group tours.

Earn Free Travel

As your community grows, so does the amount of people who will want to travel with you. Organize a group and go for free when you get eight people!

Make New Friends

By organizing and hosting local meetups, weekend camping trips, and other local activities, you’ll build a network of new friends who will want to travel with you!

Dedicated Support

We want you to succeed as a Community Leader and will be here to help you every step of the way. We’ll provide marketing materials, keep you informed of upcoming trips, and will help you build your community!


All of our Community Leaders are individual in their own way, but all share the following traits & interests:

  • Love the outdoors
  • Be adventurous
  • Possess strong organizational skills
  • Be easy going with a sense of humor
  • Detail oriented

Community Leaders are the heart and soul of Adventure People. We believe that lifelong friendships are built when you can meet people on an adventure and share multiple adventures with them, both at home and when traveling to faraway destinations. We rely on our Community Leaders to help build the local community and to organize in-person experiences.


Below are some of the expectations of being a Community Leader for Adventure People. We will provide you with our Guide to Running a Successful Adventure People Community once you become part of our family, but below are a few of the things that you should expect as a requirement:

  • Build a local Adventure People community & culture by creating local meetups that fit our lifestyle. This includes outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking and biking. It also includes social events such as outdoor festivals and charitable initiatives. Sound like fun? It is!
  • Organize monthly events to promote upcoming Adventure People tours and discuss future trip ideas. Earn commission for every person from your group who travels with us on one of our set departures on small group tours.
  • Grow your community and earn free travel when you book a group of 8+ people for a specific departure.
  • Keep your group engaged by keeping them active. Successful organizers post regular meetups (2-3 per month, at a minimum) and also recruit other event organizers to the group.
  • Post photos after your local meetup events and encourage reviews.

Ready to Get Started?

Click the button to the left and submit your name, contact info, experience, and tell us why you want to be a Community Leader for Adventure People.

About Adventure People

Adventure People is a community of adventure seekers and like-minded travelers. We love being outdoors and aren’t afraid to step off the beaten path. As we’ve grown into a tour company and travel agency, our mission is to create a marketplace for booking local, sustainable adventures around the world and to create unique itineraries to travel together as a group. We strive to be unique, to find and create the greatest adventures.  We love being active and enjoy traveling with our clients. We pride ourselves on introducing our guests to extraordinary destinations, distinctive accommodations, and out-of-the-ordinary experiences.