When to Visit Baja for the Gray Whale Migration

2020-12-26T09:38:37-08:00November 5th, 2020|Baja, Bucket List Experiences, Wildlife Encounters|

Every year between December and April the Gray Whales travel to Baja California, where they enter lagoons to give birth and mate.

Gray whales have the longest known migration of any mammal. They travel 10,000 to 12,000 miles round trip every year from their summer feeding grounds in the cold Arctic […]

Swimming with Whale Sharks — The Gentle Giants

2020-12-26T09:54:00-08:00October 17th, 2020|Baja, Bucket List Experiences, Wildlife Encounters|

Swimming with whale sharks, known as the “Gentle Giants,” can be both a humbling and exhilarating experience, but there are a few things you should know.

The name “whale shark” can be confusing because they’re not really whales. They’re actually a species of shark, which is classified as a fish, not […]

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