How to Get Free Accommodation in Exchange for Pet Sitting

Are you a pet lover? Then check out Trusted Housesitters — a site that connects house/pet sitters with people who need them. Get free accommodation in exchange for looking after someone’s pet while they travel and experience new places for yourself, like a local!

Free accommodation around the world sounds too good to be true but that is exactly what Trusted Housesitters offers travelers. And for homeowners, it provides peace of mind that their home and pets will be taken care of while they’re away. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved and the ultimate way to live like a local.

Much like Airbnb, your verified profile showcases references, ratings, and reviews to ensure it is safe for everyone involved.  For extra peace of mind, owners and sitters are covered against property damage, theft, and sitter accidents, available on certain plans.

There are tons of digital nomads out there who are looking for long-term bases to work from and house/pet sitting websites like Trusted Housesitters have done an amazing job at connecting these two demographics. I know people who travel exclusively via house sitting and pet sitting websites to cut their travel costs. If you’re looking for a unique and fun way to travel long-term, try pet sitting. I mean who doesn’t like to spend their time with cute animals and have free accommodation?

Cost? There are several different annual plans that let you arrange as many sits as you like:

Annual Plans for Sitters or Owners is $129
Combined Annual Plans for Sitters and Owners $189 – giving you the best of both worlds by being a sitter and finding a sitter for your own pets

>>  Travel Like a Local For Less. Exchange Pet Care For Free Accommodation

While Trusted Housesitters isn’t the only platform offering housesitting gigs, it is definitely the most popular. You should also check out, a search aggregator that lists house sits available across the main platforms.

The benefit of using Trusted Housesitters is that they have the most listings in the most countries. Another benefit is that once a pet owner finds a house sitter and accepts them through the site, that listing is immediately closed for applications.

While the fact that Trusted Housesitters is the biggest website is a pro, it can also be a con, especially when you are first starting out. If you’re new to housesitting, you could be up against 20+ people for a particular sit. As a sitter, you get one shot to impress a homeowner, giving them all the reasons why you’d be the perfect sitter. Think of it as a job application and your profile is your resume.

How to Get Noticed on Trusted Housesitters

1. Introductory Message

The first time you have contact with a homeowner for a potential housesit will be a personalized introductory message, giving all the reasons why you’d be the perfect sitter. You should make the message personal to the person you are responding to and include their pet’s name in the subject line and reference any other details that are pertinent to the homeowner. Include any clues that ensure that you have thoroughly read the listing and you are serious about the opportunity. Make your introduction at least two paragraphs and include a brief introduction, background, and your enthusiasm about the housesit. Don’t use a generic email response.

2. Profile Pictures

You’re allowed just 3-4 photos for the average profile, so use your spare space strategically. One picture should be a close-up of you and/or your partner (if traveling as a couple). The majority of your pictures should include you with a cat and/or dog. The other pictures are frequently people in fun locations, hiking, traveling, generally demonstrating their zest for life.

3. Profile

Your profile on Trusted Housesitters includes the city you’re from, an introductory “About” section, “Why I Want to Housesit,” and a section for your “Pet Care Experience,” in addition to your availability calendar, preferred countries, age, and occupation. Make your experience with pets a fun explanation about why you’re into housesitting.

4.  References

References can be personal character references or references from other housesits. This section is separate from the Reviews section.

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