Local chapters are an important part of the Adventure People community. Typically, there is only one local chapter per area, and they have been designed to provide regular Meetups for members to:

1. Participate in local adventures and socializing events.
2. Meet monthly to discuss upcoming travel club trips and learn where our members would like to travel.
3. Have fun!!!

There is absolutely NO cost for joining our community. Membership is FREE and you may participate as little or as much as you wish. Some members are very active and attend at least one event per month, some only participate when they have time. Regardless, most members who travel with the club, have made life-long friendships.

Don’t see a Local Chapter near you? Learn how you can start a local chapter and discover the great benefits available. Not only is it a great way to meet lots of new friends, but those who prove themselves to be good leaders, could be asked to become trip leaders on travel club tours. You’ll even have the chance to travel for free! Best of all, it costs you nothing but your time and commitment. Click here to learn more about Starting a Local Chapter.

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