Like most people, I was apprehensive and a bit uneasy when I joined my first group tour experience. Like many who join us for the first time, I was a solo traveler and didn’t know anyone else going on the trip.  I was looking for a new experience, but didn’t really know what to expect. After experiencing my first group tour, I met some people on that trip whom I’m still close friends with to this day. In fact, I loved it so much I decided this was the ideal way to travel and hence started organizing my own trips. I quickly learned how much work is involved in creating, marketing and leading a tour. Luckily for you, I love what I do!

Below are a few of the misconceptions about group tours:

    • Tours are large groups of loud, obnoxious tourists in big buses being shuffled around from place to place and led around by tour guides holding signs. 
      While those tours do exist, there are also tours, like ours, that specialize in small groups and focus on less touristy destinations and off-the-beaten path experiences. You can even arrange a customized itinerary for your own group of friends or colleagues.


    • Tours don’t allow enough free time to explore independently. 
      Depending on your preferences, we work to create a wide variety of itineraries with varying amounts of free time.


    • I will be the only solo traveler in the group.
      Unlikely! Most of our trips include a mix of couples, friends, and solo travelers. In fact, on most of our tours, 40-60% of participants are usually solo travelers. As a solo traveler, we will pair you with a same sex roommate or you have the option of paying the single supplement fee, which varies by trip, if you’d prefer to have your own room.


    • I will be the oldest (or youngest) person in the group. 
      Most of our trips include a fun mix of people from 20 to 70 years young. If you are interested in the average age range for a certain trip, just ask.


    • There might be people I may not like or relate to on a group tour.
      Joining a tour that appeals to those with similar interests usually ensures that you will have something in common with your fellow travelers. Adventure People have in common — we are explorers who love the outdoors, who respect nature and our environment, and who are curious about other places and cultures. You’re not always going to like everyone, but odds are you’ll find some kindred spirits and become lifelong friends.


    • Group tours are only for inexperienced travelers.
      While group tours are a great way for inexperienced travelers to be able to visit places they’ve never been before and not have to rely on strangers for directions or to translate, group tours are also a great way for the experienced traveler to connect with other seasoned travelers and go place you wouldn’t necessarily want to venture on your own.


If you’ve ever planned your own vacation, you know it requires a huge time investment and can be quite frustrating and overwhelming. With a tour, you can pretty much sit back and let someone else do all of the planning so all you have to do is show up and have a great time. Knowing that the details are handled is a huge relief! If there are destinations on your bucket list, but the idea of planning a trip is daunting or you wouldn’t want to risk going on your own, we hope you’ll consider letting us plan your next adventure!