North America is the land where dreams are made, where anything is possible. Home of a million movies and the birthplace to many bright ideas. From the desert canyons of Nevada and Arizona to the glacial valleys in Canada, North America is a bountiful land of eye-popping landscapes, sprawling cities, and adventure at every turn.

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North America Tours

Big Island MultiSport Adventure

Join us for a multi-sport adventure on Hawaii Island (aka the "Big Island") and discover surroundings ranging from lava-strewn deserts

Chasing Waterfalls and the 7 Wonders of Oregon

On this 8-day multisport adventure we'll hike, bike, and kayak as we explore unparalleled diversity in landscapes and beauty. Get

Kauai MultiSport Adventure

Join us for an adventure in Kauai and explore the soaring cliffs of the Napali Coast to the vast chasms