We are Adventure People. We’re not just another adventure travel company, we’re a community of travelers who love being outdoors and enjoy exploring this world together. All of our tours are active – hiking, trekking, biking, sailing, and sometimes a combination of activities. We bring together like-minded adventurous people for exhilarating, culturally authentic, socially conscious getaways and journeys. Our group trips are designed for solo travelers and friends alike. We keep our group size small (typically less than 16 people) and we only run about 12 group trips per year, which allows us to handpick locations from around the world based on feedback we receive from our travelers. We understand this means your preferred location or date might not be available, which is why we offer a private tour option.

Adventure People all have one thing in common, we want to travel the world and aren’t afraid to step off-the-beaten-path. We’re explorers, not tourists. Regardless of where you go and what you do, it’s the people you share the experience with that you’ll remember the most. That’s why it makes a trip great when you share it with other like-minded people. What you’ll find in Adventure People is that we’re a fun, active, adventurous, welcoming group of friends. By joining our community and participating in our local and international trips, you’ll not only have a new group of friends but new travel companions whom you’ll want to share more experiences with. That’s why you’ll always see repeat travelers on all of our trips!

In addition to our group trips, you’ll also find day tours, natural attractions, treks, trip add-ons, eco-lodges, and other experiences. We carefully select each experience on our site to make sure it provides remarkable services and unique insights into the places you’ll visit. It’s our goal to help travelers find trustworthy, quality experiences that have a distinctly local style.

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As a travel company, it has become our mission to help travelers discover the world in a responsible way. We understand the effects that irresponsible tourism can have on our planet and we choose our travel partners based on quality and character, their support for local communities, and environmental engagement. We aim to offer travelers unique experiences that support local people and the planet.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Travel

  • Adventure People works with small, locally owned businesses rather than big international chains.
  • Adventure People works with local in-country affiliates and partners to sustain local tourism which will help build local economies from the negative impact of tourism.
  • We keep our tours small, with 16 passengers or less, to have a minimal imprint on the places we visit as well as avoiding overcrowded locations.
  • We take our guests to local villages and regions that may not otherwise reap the benefits of tourism.
  • When developing our itineraries, we offer a balance between visiting well-known sites, as well as attractions and villages off the main tourist trail. This spreads the benefits of tourism to more remote communities which will overall benefit the region.
  • Our culinary adventures are designed to support local businesses and artisans by offering meals that are sourced from local markets and the region’s farmers.
  • Travel between destinations might include buses, trains, canoes, rickshaws, and anything that offers variety, excitement, and captures the real local color.

To learn more about our commitment to sustainable tourism, please click here.