We understand that all Adventure People might share a common love of adventure, but your level of comfort comes in a variety of flavors. Our travel club trips generally offer a range of  accommodations depending on the departure date. Should you wish to book one of our private tours, you will also have the option of choosing your level of accommodations. Travel styles on our trips fall into the following categories:

Camping most nights (in tents or huts) with some hotel stays to start and throughout.  All of our camping trips are fully equipped with kitchen equipment, dinnerware, utensils, and of course, a camp chef.

Simple, clean and centrally located accommodations. Generally falls into the category of Inns & B&B’s, local guesthouses, or homestays. Offers great value, reasonable prices, and quality experiences. Also offers a mix of public and private transport for the best overall experience.

As indicated, Comfort travel means encountering all that the world has to offer, but with and added degree of comfort. We use private transportation and accommodations generally fall into the category of 3-4* hotels.

For those willing to splurge, choosing one of our luxury partners might just put you that much closer to the action. Luxury accommodations generally falls into the category of 5* hotels and private transportation.

Our sailing yachts are just that, a sailing yacht, usually accommodating 8 people + 2 crew members. This is much different than a cruise vessel, so space on board is tight. You will be sharing a small room with one of your fellow passengers or travel partner and possibly sharing a bathroom on-board. Some people are not comfortable with the type of close quarter arrangements typically found on sailboats, however if a real sailing experience on a real sailboat is what you are after, then this experience should more than make up for cramped quarters.

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