We’d like to make the planning and preparation for your trip with Adventure People as hassle-free and time-saving as possible.  With that in mind, here are a few things to contemplate as you get ready for your trip.

Travel insurance is mandatory for medical evacuation and repatriation and always worth consideration in order to recover cancellation fees in the event of an unexpected illness or injury involving you, a family member or a traveling companion.  Travel insurance will also protect against financial loss due to medical expenses during your trip, trip interruption caused by an accident or illness, travel delays and lost or delayed baggage.

We require certain forms to be filled out and submitted to us well in advance of your trip departure.  These forms help us to ensure that your trip runs smoothly and that we have advance knowledge of your medical conditions and dietary preferences.

All of our international tours require a valid passport for U.S. citizens and some require a visa as well.  Guests from other countries will also want to check the passport and visa requirements for our tours both in the U.S. and internationally.

We can assist with airline and pre- and post- trip hotel reservations and can frequently find better rates than you might on your own.

We will supply you with a recommended packing list when you reserve your trip with us to help identity the gear and clothing needs for your trip.

Our travel resources page will assist with your questions concerning travel advisories, immunizations and health issues, weather, sun and moon schedules, time zones, currency, electrical requirements, maps, guidebooks, and general country information.

Finally, we can provide advice with respect to training for your trip in order to ensure that you have the most comfortable trip experience possible.