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What's Included

  • 2-Nights at Virunga Inn Resort (Standard Twin Rooms)
  • Gorilla Trekking Permits ($1500)
  • Private 4x4 Vehicle
  • Professional English Speaking Driver Guide
  • Meals & Drinks Specified in Itinerary
  • All transfers indicated in itinerary
  • All activities described in the itinerary
  • Park Fees
  • Bottled mineral water in the vehicle

What's Excluded

  • International Airfare
  • Entry visa fees
  • Domestic and international departure tax
  • Beverages and meals not specified
  • Personal Expenses
  • Tips and gratuities to your driver/guide hotel/camp staff etc.
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Embark on a thrilling gorilla trekking expedition in Rwanda, where lush rainforests hide the awe-inspiring mountain gorillas. As you venture into the mist-covered terrain, guided by expert trackers, anticipation builds with every rustle and call echoing through the dense foliage. Suddenly, amidst the verdant surroundings, you catch your first glimpse of these magnificent creatures, going about their daily routines with a grace that captivates the soul. Witnessing these gentle giants in their natural habitat is an unparalleled experience, offering a profound connection to the wonders of the wild and a deeper appreciation for the importance of conservation efforts. A gorilla trek in Rwanda promises an unforgettable adventure, filled with moments of awe, wonder, and a profound sense of connection to nature's most extraordinary inhabitants.

Adventure Highlights

  • Experience the thrill of encountering endangered mountain gorillas up close in their natural habitat, forging unforgettable connections with these majestic creatures.
  • Explore Rwanda's lush rainforests and mist-covered terrain, guided by expert trackers who lead you to the heart of gorilla territory, offering a rare glimpse into their daily lives.
  • Marvel at the breathtaking beauty of Rwanda's diverse landscapes, from dense forests to misty mountainsides, providing a stunning backdrop to your gorilla trekking adventure.
  • Support conservation efforts firsthand as your trekking fees contribute directly to the protection of gorilla habitats, ensuring the long-term survival of these critically endangered species.
  • Engage with local communities and learn about their rich traditions and customs, gaining insight into the symbiotic relationship between humans and gorillas in Rwanda's unique cultural and ecological landscape.
June 28, 2024 - June 30, 2024 Guaranteed $3,431

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Daily Itinerary

Upon arrival in Rwanda, you will be met by a representative and you'll be taken to your accommodation in Volcanoes National Park.

--- Airport Transfer
--- Meals: Lunch & Dinner

Est Travel Time Airport to Volcanoes Natl Park: 3 hours
Overnight at Volcanoes National Park - Virunga Inn Resort & Spa

After an early breakfast, you'll drive to Volcanoes National Park, which is home to the endangered mountain gorillas. Upon reaching the park, you'll receive a briefing from the park rangers about gorilla trekking guidelines and safety precautions. Embark on an exhilarating trek through the dense forest, accompanied by experienced guides and trackers who will help you locate the gorilla family you'll be visiting. Once you find the gorillas, you'll have a magical hour to observe and photograph these gentle giants in their natural habitat. You'll be able to witness their behavior, interactions, and perhaps even get a close-up view.

In the afternoon, if weather permits, you'll visit the Twin Lakes and Ruhondo or the local markets in the town of Musanze before returning to your lodge. Spend the evening relaxing and reflecting on the incredible encounter with the gorillas.

--- Meals: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
--- Permits & Park Fees

Overnight at Volcanoes National Park - Virunga Inn Resort & Spa

At the appropriate time, a driver will be waiting to take you to Rwanda Kigali Intl Airport for your departure.

--- Meals: Breakfast

Est Travel Time Volcanoes Natl Park to Airport: 3 hours
Departure/ End of Services

Is Rwanda safe?

Both Uganda and Rwanda are still quite misunderstood when it comes to safety and security whilst traveling. Rwanda is now a peaceful country, despite a turbulent past.

Is it safe to drink tap water?

We do not recommend you drink tap water during your time in Rwanda. Always ensure you drink bottled water, even when brushing your teeth (this is just a safety precaution). You must also make sure that the ice in your drinks is made from bottled or purified water.

What is the weather like in Rwanda?

You can travel to Rwanda at any time of the year and it is well known for its ‘eternal spring’. The temperature stays quite constant throughout the year, with August through to September being the hottest times. Evenings are quite cool so we recommend you bring warm clothing for the nighttime. There are two rainy seasons that we recommend avoiding if you have the flexibility, March to May and October to December. Rainy seasons are usually a mix of heavy downpours and bright sunshine, so these times of the year can make gorilla-tracking terrain much harder work. You must, however, expect rain at any time of the year.

What is Gorilla Trekking?

Gorilla trekking is a wildlife activity that involves hiking up the tropical forests of Africa to see mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. Gorilla trekking is only done in three East African countries in the world namely Uganda, Rwanda, and DR Congo.

How much time will we spend with the Mountain Gorillas?

Your Gorilla permit allows you to spend a maximum of 1 hour in the presence of mountain gorillas while viewing to minimize disease transmission.

How close can I get to the Gorillas?

Officially you are required to keep close by a 7 meters distance from the gorillas. In practice, the mountain Gorillas often violate this rule by coming closer to you as you stand quietly observing or photographing them. It is still helpful to have a telephoto capability on your camera since some animals are shy, and the Silverback may be very protective of the young. You are not allowed to touch the gorillas, though it would be easy to do so.

Are the Mountain Gorillas dangerous?

Habituated Mountain Gorillas are not dangerous or prone to be angered by tourists if not disturbed because they have been trained to be in the presence of humans. All wild animals in Africa are best considered potentially dangerous and treated as such. Many people are surprised that the Mountain Gorillas seem to ignore the tourists in their midst completely but there’re a couple of rules that ought to be followed. One should not get between a mother and a baby or tease animals, use a flash, make distracting noises or move quickly.

How difficult is the trek?

While you need to be relatively fit to trek to see the mountain gorillas of Rwanda, it’s not overly strenuous. The forest trails can be steep, slippery, and muddy, even during the dry season, with the combination of altitude and humidity making it challenging for some people.

What should I wear on a Gorilla Trek?

Make sure you are dressed appropriately for gorilla trekking. This includes wearing gloves, long-sleeved shirts, and long trousers (not shorts) to protect your hands, arms, and legs from scratches by tree branches, grasses, and stinging nettles. Always carry a rainproof jacket with you because there’s always a chance for (heavy) rain, even in the dry season. Rainproof, sturdy hiking boots and a walking stick (the latter will be provided) are necessary to walk on slippery, muddy, and sometimes steep paths, especially when it rains.

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Rwanda Gorilla Trek

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