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Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Work with Animals

Find volunteer work with animals in countries all around the world. If you have ever wanted to help endangered animals, you can find programs here where you can help contribute to conservation including rehabilitation, preventing poaching, raising awareness and helping make a difference.

Conservation Projects

There are real problems facing world conservation. Contributing factors include the destruction of rain forests and natural habitat, an increasing human population, the need for more natural resources, illegal wildlife poaching and more. We have some fantastic conservation volunteering opportunities & vacations all around the world that promise to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a difference and experience life overseas in a service capacity.

Community Development

Help make a difference in the developing world and join a community development volunteering program as part of your next vacation. There are a range of local community organizations around the world offering service placements where you can travel abroad and volunteer to help improve lives and infrastructure. Community volunteering projects are popular with people seeking a fresh challenge and the chance to do something extra special to make a difference in developing countries around the world.

Childcare & Orphanages

Volunteer with children at orphanages and centers in the developing world. Help children in places like Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Popular countries to help include India, Thailand, Romania, Moldova, South Africa, Kenya, Vietnam, Tanzania, Nepal, Brazil and Ghana. Whether you have a year, or a couple of weeks, you will get a life changing experience and be able to make a real difference. Learn More

Marine Conservation

Join a volunteer marine conservation to help protect marine parks, assist local communities and teach conservation awareness in primary schools. As part of the team, you’ll experience unforgettable diving, make a whole community of friends, and help ensure that future generations will care for our reefs and oceans to ensure long term survival. Learn more

Sports Projects

Love sports? There are numerous coaching projects available in countries all around the world. Sports include football, rugby, cricket, polo, baseball, hockey, swimming, gymnastics, tennis, athletics, surfing, capoeira and more. Sport teaches a multitude of skills, such as team spirit, social interaction, fair play, competitiveness, leadership, healthy living and just good old fashion fun. You don’t need to be a professional athlete to offer underprivileged children a fun and exciting learning experience.