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Adventure People is a community of adventure seekers who share a willingness to travel far from the comforts of home and who are committed to traveling responsibly so that travel has a positive impact on the businesses, the people, and the environment of the places you visit. Here, you’ll find travel advice, destination guides, gear for your adventures, resources for how to be location independent, and how to travel the world while developing new skills.

By bringing together a growing community of world explorers, our mission is to make the world a better place through travel and to empower our community with the resources needed to carve a lifestyle that is unique to you. We aim to inspire those who are curious to try new destinations, branch out in their activities, interact deeply with nature, and experience different cultures in the most respectful way possible.


Responsible travel means being socially, culturally, and environmentally aware when you travel, understanding your effect on the places you visit, and trying to make that affect a positive one.


Our travel club trips are designed to bring our community together for life-changing experiences. There’s a magic that happens on our small group trips and retreats. Without fail, you will return changed somehow.


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