Adventure People was founded in Southern California in 2008. We started as a group of friends who enjoyed exploring new places and trying new adventures. The one thing we all have in common is that we are explorers who love the outdoors, who respect nature and our environment, and who are curious about other places and cultures. We love being active and aren’t afraid to step off the beaten path. All of us at Adventure People are adventurers just like our clients. We don’t just sell adventure travel, we live it too! We love what we do and our excitement and energy is obvious to everyone we provide our services to. Whether you are a first time traveler or one of our many returning clients, we welcome you to our family.

Our Tours

Our tours are designed for solo travelers and friends alike. We bring together like-minded adventurous people for exhilarating, culturally authentic, socially conscious getaways and journeys. We remain small by design to offer you the chance to get to know your fellow travelers. Our groups range in size depending on the destination and the activities, but are generally 8 to 16 people.

Most of our tours are active and designed to accommodate people of varying ability levels. They typically include such activities as hiking, biking, kayaking, and sometimes a combination of activities.

We strive to be unique, to find & create the greatest adventures. It is our goal that once you take a trip with us, you’ll want to travel with us everywhere!

Our Guides & Trip Leaders

Typically, you will have a trip leader and one or more local activity guides on all of our small group trips. Our guides and trip leaders are carefully chosen professionals and are often the highest-rated aspects of our trips. They have extensive knowledge about the local areas in which you’ll visit and are highly trained in the activities in which you’ll participate. They’re special folks whose infectious enthusiasm for people and the outdoors makes the difference between a good trip and an extraordinary one. Not only are they there to take care of all the details of your trip, but they’ll become your friend and companion. They are there for anything you need and they’re the person you can rely on when traveling in a place you don’t know. They have a natural ability for inspiring fun, fostering camaraderie, and creating the perfect vacation for you. Our international trip leaders are all English speaking as well as that of the local language. All are trained in CPR and First Aid.

Giving Back

We are committed to creating awareness about social responsibilities and the environment. As part of our business model, we support non-profits by offering meaningful volunteer travel opportunities that you can get involved with. In addition, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Pack For A Purpose!, a non-profit organization whose mission is to positively impact communities by assisting travelers who want to bring meaningful contributions to the destinations they visit.

Proud member of the Association of Group Travel Organizers International (AGTOI) and The International Ecotourism Society.