Cuban Anti-Stress Drink Recipe
When in Viñales, we recommend a visit to a Cuban organic farm for a true farm-to-fork experience. Follow a winding road uphill from the town’s charming pastel houses to Finca Agroecologica El Paraiso – one of the most impressive off-the-grid restuarants in the country. The name translates to “Paradise Ecoligical Agricultural Farm Estate.” Part organic farm and part family-owned restaurant, El Paraiso hosts dinners on a blue wraparound porch that overlooks the valley and mountains beyond. It’s worth it to take a tour of the farm to learn the methods they use to cultivate crops without the use of pesticides. Upon arriving, you are given an “Cuban Anti-Stress Drink.”

Cuban Anti-Stress Drink Recipe

1/2 pineapple
4 tsp sugar
3 tbsp milk
1 tsp coconut milk

Star Anise
Mint Leaves


Finish with some honey & cinnamon on top. Don’t forget the Rum! Delicious!

When visiting El Paraiso, you should come hungry. A lunch or dinner here might start with a rich vegetable soup and pork-stuffed fried plantains, then there’s still a cascade of food to come: roast pig, chicken, rice and beans, pickled farm vegetables, home-grown squash, stewed fish, and nearly a dozen other fruit and vegetable dishes. Other than the fish, everything served is raised on the farm. Oh, and, El Paraiso also feeds the children from the local primary school.

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