Have you ever thought about becoming a digital nomad? The pandemic created a lot of remote work opportunities and many people's jobs shifted online. ⁠

Digital nomads are defined as people who choose to embrace a location-independent, technology-enabled lifestyle that allows them to travel and work remotely, anywhere in the internet-connected world. ⁠

The thing about the digital nomad lifestyle is that there isn't really one blueprint for everyone to follow. Everyone has a slightly different set of skills and varying degrees of professional or career experience.⁠

The Adventure People community offers a plethora of resources and tips that can help guide you through the process of building your location-independent lifestyle and achieve higher levels of success.⁠

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Adventure People is a community of travelers and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to leaving a positive impact on the places we visit. ⁠

This includes protecting wildlife and ensuring that the animals are not being captured and used to entertain tourists. This also includes the purchasing of items that should be prohibited such as live snakes, turtles, crocodiles, birds, lizards, as well as certain leather products, some corals and shells, and also certain plants. #travelresponsibly

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Halong Bay in Vietnam is known for its emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone islands. Junk boat tours and sea kayak expeditions take visitors past islands named for their shapes, including Stone Dog and Teapot Islets.⁠

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What have you done lately that has gotten you out of your comfort zone and pushed you to do something that might not be comfortable at first? ⁠

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The Acropolis, the most striking and complete ancient Greek monument that still exists today. It sits atop a rocky outcrop overlooking the city of Athens.

A few tips when planning your visit:
- Go as early as possible to beat the crowds
- Buy your tickets in advance
- Wear appropriate clothing
- Head straight to the top for the best views
- Be sure to visit the museum

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It's #TravelTuesday! Where is your next adventure? ...

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Happy Fourth of July! What does freedom mean to you? Let us know in the comments! 😊 ...

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