Our Commitment to Sustainable Travel

Adventure People is committed to working towards UNESCO’s sustainable tourism policy, working with local in-country affiliates and partners to sustain local tourism which will help protect local economies from the negative impact of tourism, instead of encouraging local development and growth, safeguarding local traditions and culture.

Environmental Commitment

Our focus is to lessen our impact and reduce, reuse, and recycle — to leave the areas we visit in better condition than when we found them. We know that our adventures will only be possible if we preserve the places we love. By choosing to travel with a group rather than a self-drive vacation, you are already helping reduce your carbon footprint by about 60%.

Protecting Human Rights 

We protect and look after people – in particular, those who are most vulnerable, including women & children – by observing basic human rights principles as outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and ensuring we are promoting among our team, travelers, local communities and suppliers/ business partners, their right to be treated with dignity, equality, freedom and respect.

Animal Welfare

We recognize the importance of animal welfare and we oppose any exploitation or illegal practices that might have a negative impact.  That’s why we have adopted the guidelines developed by the Born Free Foundation for the Global Welfare Guidance for Animals in Tourism. Once applied globally, the Global Welfare Guidance will help eradicate bad practices and encourage good practices, ensuring higher standards in animal welfare and more sustainable excursions involving animals.

Volunteer Initiatives

We seek out and develop meaningful partnerships with organizations and projects that care for the community and our environment. Occasionally, we have opportunities for our travelers to take part in a volunteer initiative which supports these projects.