Travel Insurance: Everything You Need to Know

If you plan on traveling anytime soon, you will need travel insurance. It’s the most important thing you need. Most health insurance plans don’t cover you when you travel.  You never know what might happen, so it’s best to purchase travel insurance to not only cover trip cancellation and delays but also in case you become ill or get injured. It’s not just about seeing a doctor while you’re traveling, but it could save you thousands should something go wrong.

For our travel club trips, a minimum of $200,000 in emergency medical and evacuation, including repatriation, is required to participate in any of our small group trips. 

Here’s a few things you need to consider when choosing an insurance provider:

Pandemic Related Tips

✔️  Make sure that you are covered in case you happen to contract COVID-19. Some insurance providers may view this as a foreseen event and it may not be covered. In other words, the company could say that you should have known about the potential risks but still chose to travel, so the cost of travel and its consequences are on you. We recommend checking with your insurance provider about the “known” or “foreseeable” status dates of the coronavirus outbreak and how this might affect your specific coverage.

✔️  Sudden travel bans and unexpected quarantine requirementss can also derail your trip. Buying cancel foron  any reason coverage will give you some reimbursement no matter what your reason for cancelling. 

✔️  It’s important to note that trips made to countries with a COVID-19 travel ban are excluded from most coverage, so it’s important to be aware of any travel restrictions associated with your intended destination. The State Department advises all US citizens to review country-specific travel advisories and to check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website for the latest news and restrictions.

✔️  Some travel destinations have medical coverage requirements for incoming travelers. Be sure to confirm the medical coverage requirements you’ll need for your destination before you buy a travel insurance plan.

Other Plan Benefits to Look For

✔️  Your insurance plan should cover you in case you get sick or injurred and need to see a doctor. 

✔️  It should also cover any of your baggage and personal items that get broken or stolen. 

✔️  Trip cancellation due to injuries, weather, hurricanes, natural disasters, and terrorism. 

✔️  Travel delays and missed connections.