Travel Insurance

Travel insurance with a minimum requirement of $200,000USD to provide coverage of medical expenses including repatriation and emergency rescue is mandatory to participate on any of our trips. You will not be permitted to join a trip until evidence of travel insurance has been presented. With the changes in health care laws (in the US), many health insurance programs no longer cover travel abroad or even, sometimes, out of your home state. Should you have an accident on any of our trips, we want to make sure you are able to receive the medical attention you need.

We also strongly recommend that the policy covers trip cancellation to shield you from cancellation fees due to unexpected medical issues involving yourself, a family member or a traveling companion. The coverage can save you thousands of dollars by protecting you if you have an unexpected change in travel plans. Due to many commitments and non-refundable expenses involved in providing our trips, we must impose cancellation penalties in the event that a guest cancels a booking.  These penalties become significant once we are within 90 days of the departure date and result in a full loss of your tour cost if the cancellation occurs less than 60 days before the departure date.

We have travelers every year that have to cancel their trip due to unforeseen medical issues. Those that bought travel insurance are glad they did. Those that didn’t suffer needless financial loss.

Trip insurance need not be expensive. It generally costs in the range of $25-200 for most of our trips (depending on your age, trip cost and type of coverage). We work with one of the leading travel insurance companies in the industry and you can use the form below to get a free quote.